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Missouri's SecondHand SuperStore!

"If we've all learned one thing since 2008, it's that life can be good without being so darned expensive!" -Author & Syndicated Newspaper Columnist, William Douglas Little

After watching their formerly National Top-25 Motorcycle Dealership become battered by Mid-Missouri's poor economy and high unemployment for years, the Little family finally decided in late 2011 to sell the business to a local competitor, leaving them with a large, very empty building along Interstate 44. Fortunately, the Littles are not a family to give up in the face of adversity and AMWT's founders and co-owners, Bill and Beth Little immediately began selling assets through a series of "Indoor Yard Sales" to support the overhead of the facility.

The immediate success of these sales soon found the couple driving to auctions, estate sales, yard sales and even resale shops, seeking out items that their friends and customers expressed an interest in. With that, they also formed a business, building off of the theme of what they were doing ... raiding sales to seek out treasures to sell. They soon found themselves working as "SecondHand Pirates," and their store, Another Man's (And Woman's!) Treasure quickly grew to be known as a local "Super Store" carrying anything and everything - mostly secondhand items - and all at low prices affordable to families sharing in the economic hardship of our times.

A year later, having purchased nearly 100 storage lockers, several estates, the inventories of closing stores and hundreds of items from various garage and yard sales, the Littles have turned their 20,000 square-foot building from a very scary liability, into Missouri's SecondHand SuperStore! A resale outlet stocked to the gills with affordable merchandise to meet nearly every need, from clothing to home goods and furnishings, tools to contractor's items, sporting goods and camping equipment to major appliances and electronics ... all at a fraction of the original retail price!

And, just for fun, the Littles display many of the antiques and collectibles that they find in their journeys for everyone to enjoy. A small museum of Americana, if you will, displaying old toys, tools, farm goods and signage ... even a late 1800's wheelchair originally used in an Illinois-based Insane Asylum! The history of the items is always something that co-owner Bill Little loves to talk about with customers, almost as much as he enjoys sharing the stories of the, (now legendary), haunting of their building! (Yes, though the building was built in 1999, it has had tons of unexplainable occurrences that, well ... Bill is happy to share the tales when time permits, but he always leaves it to the listener to decide whether the phenomena can be explained away or is the work of the supernatural.)

Come in and browse the showrooms at AMWT, spend some time looking around, seeking out treasures for yourself, enjoying a step back into our country's history while viewing the vintage and antique items, or chat with the store's owner - who is also a Syndicated Newspaper Columnist, former National Magazine Columnist and a Five-Star Author! Share your tales with us, enjoy the tales we have to share or just spend a little relaxation time enhanced by some very affordable retail therapy!

After all, AMWT SecondHand Mercantile doesn't just offer pricing from decades past ... we believe a store should be what the old Mercantile's once were: A place to gather among friends, both new and old, pick up things you want or need and make your shopping day an experience - not a chore! We want every customer to leave with a treasure, whether it's something that you purchase, or a fond memory you can look back on until your next visit!

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